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A building can have a different type of flooring material, to properly treat each of these surfaces, we have all the speciated equipment and crew members to properly execute the job. It's very important to schedule the proper maintenance to clean these surfaces to extend the life of it, give a wet look(if require)and prevent odors and bad visual impact(this can happen in washrooms and kitchen, usually it will accumulate dirtiness on the grout).

Strip and Wax services: Finding the right company to work on your floor can be very difficult, especially when everybody claims to know the job and executed it properly. Part of the reason why finding the right company is too difficult is because there are not many companies that offer this type of services, and the ones that do it, don’t have the proper equipment, don’t use proper products, don’t use proper procurement and there is poor planning or no planning with the management team. It is very common in this industry that national wide cleaning companies offer these services. They will subcontract small cleaning companies to do these jobs, that are usually are the ones with the poor characteristics previously mentioned, you can ended up hiring this big box cleaning companies that you can “trust” trying to avoid the poor quality cleaning companies but ended up paying more, not contributing to your local economy, and having on your building the cleaning company you didn’t want it at the first place but under a national wide cleaning company name. 

Here are 5 key factors why we are different (not to mentions our company values)

  1. Qualified Crew: Our professionals have more than 10 years of experience in this field, they comply with all the safety and health regulation in Ontario.
  2. Proper planning: We ensure our managers understand your demands and specification. Our manager makes sure, our crew follows your specifications and meets the death lines on time.   
  3. Proper procedures: Our highly trained professionals, know the right procurements to follow to deliver you the best results. 
  4. The right product: After an evaluation of the floor type, type of traffic, maintenance schedule and customer requirement (normal gloss, ultra-gloss or no gloss), we use the best quality products that will protect your floors and ensure durability*(this will also depend if you have the right daily maintenance).
  5. The right equipment: Over the years we have invested a lot of money to get the best-specialized equipment, this put us way apart from our competition that uses basic old school machines.

Grout Cleaning: It is very important to have the right maintenance schedule to this surface, just using a mop and bucket every day, it is not enough. The problem with this is that the mop is not able to get into the grout, over time it will be a saturation of dirt, grease, germs that will be almost impossible to remove with the regular methods. This will have the following negative impact:

  1. Visible: most of the time grout might look fifthly black or brown.
  2. Odor: depending on the area it can generate very bad smells, that are almost permanent.
  3. Unsanitary: Grease, food, urine, fecal waste and other bacteria and microorganism are in the grout.

It does not bound with your brand: Not having in place the right maintenance plan can hurt your business. In order to remove all the dirt accumulated on the grout, we use specialized equipment, this combined with the right products and our professional crew, allows us to archive the stunning results.

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SkyClean Inc. provides Strip and Wax Cleaning Services to clients across London, Chatham-Kent, Sarnia, St. Thomas, Strathroy, Lambton Shores, Komoka, Woodstock, Tillsonburg, Stratford, Grand Bend, Ingersoll and the surrounding areas.

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