All your facility cleaning services in one place


The packages have been designed to fulfill all the cleaning needs for your facility. This will ensure that every single area of your facility gets the right cleaning maintenance on time, these services are automatically scheduled into our system, giving you peace of mind that we are taking care of this. After the completion of this task you will be notified, this will require your approval to always ensure quality and your satisfaction with the service.

One of the greatest benefits of this program is the operational cost, you will get a discount depending on the package you selected, also you will get one monthly bill, instead of paying a high bill for the extra service.

We have specialized in each of these services, we use the best equipment to obtain the best result, this combined with our experienced employees allows us to deliver high-quality services.

Specialized Cleaning Packages SkyClean Inc. in London Ontario

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All your Facility Cleaning Services at One Place - Disinfection Service London ON by SkyClean Inc.

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