About SkyClean Inc.

Cleaning Company in London, Ont.

About Our Cleaning Company

Our focus is to understand and attend to your needs and expectations, which in most cases are not being delivered by other companies. At SkyClean Inc. We give exceptional attention to each of our services, to always ensure you get the highest level of customer service and cleanliness.

Our Mission

To provide high quality janitorial services that deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a leading professional cleaning company in London Ontario area, for the outstanding quality cleaning services and customer satisfaction.

Our Values:

SkyClean Inc. Company Values - Cleaning Company in London, ON

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We understand that having open communication between you and our team ensures better execution in your facility. Our staff and supervisors are trained to solve your concerns promptly and efficiently.

Our policy:

  1. Your satisfaction is our top priority.
  2. We solve your concerns in a professional and effective way.
  3. Constants supervision.
  4. Our goal is to provide you with real solutions for your facility needs.
  5. Scheduled customer service program.

Post Construction Cleaning London

In order to provide you with the highest level of cleanliness, we have developed a variety of quality control systems. We guarantee you will receive the best service, along with satisfying results. After each visit both your customers and employees will feel pleasant to be in a clean and comfortable environment.

SkyClean exclusive 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE uses their QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM to Guarantee you will get the highest cleanliness level in each visit.

Our policy:

  1. The facility will be maintained at the highest standards all the time.
  2. A quality report will be provided by-weakly.
  3. Our employees and supervisor follow a scope of work designed for your building.
  4. Site supervisor to ensure quality.
  5. Proper equipment to maximize quality.
  6. Scheduled inspections.

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Being next to you helps us to fast respond to regular customer inquiries, it gives us the advantage to build a good relationship with you and to reduce operational costs that you will have with national wide cleaning corporations.

Strengthening our community: Working together allows us to both contribute to the local economy of our Forest City.

Our policy:

  1. We built good relationships with our customers.
  2. We solve your inquiries as soon as possible.
  3. Lower price compared to national wide cleaning corporations.
  4. Short time response on regular and emergency customer requests. 

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Every building is different; therefore, their needs and characteristics are. At SkyClean, we set up a customized cleaning program that fits all your building needs. The customized cleaning program address all your facility unique needs.

Our policy:

  1. Scheduled detail cleaning.
  2. A customized facility maintenance plan accommodated to the season.
  3. Customized scope of work.

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Your satisfaction’s top priority. If you are not satisfied with the provided service, we will do everything possible to ensure that you are happy with that service.

Our company is fully bonded and insured, which means you can have peace of mind when you hire us.

Our policy:

  1. If the customer is not satisfied with the results SkyClean will do everything possible to fix the issue in less than 24h.
  2. You will always get a follow-up call or visit after special services.
  3. On Regular cleaning services, our supervisor will be on your facilities regularly.
  4. Our product will always follow WHMIS regulations.
  5. Our staff is 100% trained and approved the police screen before going into your facility.

SkyClean Inc.

We use a time tracker control system that guarantees that you are getting the hours by week that you are paying for. This system alerts us if they haven’t cleaned your place, if they are not on time, or if they are not expending the required time.

 After optimizing our staff procedures, it gives us the ability to give you a good price, for our high-quality services.

This system, being combined with other systems, maintain the cleanliness quality in your building every day. Your facility always gives a good impression on your customers and staff.

Our policy:

  1. We ensure you get the time you are paying for.
  2. Quality level is being kept at the highest level after every visit.
  3. Peace in mind, the facility will always be ready for opening time.
  4. The procedure is strictly design for your facility needs.
  5. A performance report shows the hours per week. 

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We know the importance of having an exceptional hiring method. The highest standards of cleanliness start by choosing eager and determined staff, through a strict hiring process. 

Candidates go through a series of interviews, reference checks and a police clearance.

After carefully selecting the best candidates, they are trained to perform efficiently, professionally and safely at your location.

Our policy:

  1. Most trusted employees at your facility.
  2. The best staff at your facility.
  3. Your facility will be ready for reopening the next day.
  4. Our employees are always motivated to perform the best.

Post Construction Cleaning London

We have developed a successful training program that ensures that every single employee meets provincial safety and labor laws before they set a foot on your facility, this involves orientation guidelines, video training, equipment training, WIMES training and more.

The employee designated to your facility is properly trained, to know and execute the maintenance program designed for your building.

Our staff are always uniformed and using a Bach ID. We never send out a new employee without the completion of our training and a supervisor.

Our policy:

  1. Consistency on the cleaning program.
  2.  Customer expectations and facility needs are met every day.
  3. We enforce provincial labor and safety laws.
  4. Trained professional staff.

Cleaning Services London Ontario by SkyClean Inc.

All your facility's needs in one place.